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Every photo defines me and every shot has a story to tell.
That you are ready to have a special memory by just being yourself.
Not to capture just a simple photo but a memory that defines you, to have an
added spiritual value, to feel emotions whenever you look at a photo.


I’m Anjeza a destination wedding photographer. I have a little girl named Ajna. Ever since I was at a very young age, my parents used to say that I just wanted to paint. As I grew up, I remember that all my childhood was related to painting. It was my biggest passion, the only thing that made me happy. It was painting that made me understand that photography was what I wanted to do in life. I graduated in Concept Art, multimedia and that’s why I am a multidimensional person, just like my degree. When I take pictures, I capture real emotions. Besides photographing weddings, there are a lot of things I enjoy photographing. I have done various photography projects to empower different communities with a great social impact. Also, one of my greatest professional achievements it’s my exhibition “Life Portraits”, a life-changing project.

Every photo defines me and every shot has a story to tell.

The power of being together

I am a photographer and he is a
videographer and together we complement each other.
We share new ideas with each other, and we can look at our work from two different
perspectives. Because of these reasons, we are the perfect work partners.

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