Equestrian-inspired bridal editorial

December 4, 2019

Rustic equestrian-inspired bridal editorial

As a wedding photographer, I am always looking for new things and different ideas for bridal editorials. Certainly, the beautiful model and the white horse inspired me for this unique bridal photoshoot. An equestrian-inspired bridal editorial with rustic vibes. Also, a bridal editorial photoshoot with a lot of nature involved that creates a romantic setting and background for wedding photos. A simple, feminine but also fierce bridal shoot. Simplicity is always a good choice. A bridal shoot surrounded by nature is always enchanting. The bridal model with a stunning wedding dress was in complete harmony with the theme of this inspired bridal editorial. Also, the good lightning helped us a lot to capture some stunning shots. The white horse is an important part if this editorial. Obviously, we chose a  white horse so it could match with the wedding dress. Take e a look.

Equestrian inspired bridal editorial
Equestrian inspired bridal editorial

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