Life Portrait- A exhibition dedicated to women

April 9, 2020

Life Portrait exhibition

Life Portrait

An exhibition dedicated to women, in all dimensions of her life. Women are the source of life. In this exhibition, you got to know women of every social class, of every profile, and profession. Different women, different stories. The woman who maintains a family, the woman who dares, the woman who suffers, the accomplished woman, etc. They are all different, but they all give love and are strong women. “Life Portrait” was inaugurated on the 7th of March, in the main lobby of the National Museum of History.

It’s important for me as a photographer to deliver strong social messages through my work and projects. Through my art, I want to change our reality. This exhibition was really important for me as an artist, as a mother, as a daughter but most importantly as a woman. Sometimes we go on with our lives and forget about others. It’s the first time that I bring these stories in the public eye since I want people to know that women are strong. “Life Portrait” was really essential on Women’s Day. Many Albanian and foreign public personalities were part of this exhibition. The support I received was enormous and I’m really glad this exhibition had the proper impact.

International Women’s Day

Different stories and different women but with one thing in common, they won’t give up and they will inspire every other woman. We often define women as fragile, and we think that they should always depend on someone, but through this exhibition, people will understand that they are independent and supporting each other, women can go far. Mother-daughter stories, women who love women, pregnancy, trans-women, Down Syndrome, bodybuilder, etc. All these beautiful stories come together in the “Life Portrait” exhibition. I hope that this exhibition inspired everyone, especially other women who have similar stories. Don’t forget you are important, you are strong, and you are the source of life. Also, don’t ever stop fighting for your rights. Your story can change the world and the life of another woman.

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