Amsterdam Engagement Pictures

September 9, 2019

Amsterdam Engagement Pictures

Amazing Amsterdam Engagement Pictures

Amsterdam is a stunning location for engagement and wedding photos. Shooting there is an absolutely amazing experience and if you haven’t already considered Amsterdam for your photoshoot, I recommend it to you. Here are a set of engagement pictures taken on Amsterdam.

Couple Engagement in Amsterdam

Colorful and cultural, bike-friendly and hundreds of canals and waterways that’s why Amsterdam is an attractive city.
Amsterdam has also been the setting for a lot of movies over the years. The latest one is The Fault in Our Stars.
Some of the most unforgettable scenes were filmed there in locations such as The Rijksmuseum, The Anne Frank House, Hotel De Filosoof and two beautiful Amsterdam canals, the Herengracht and Leidsegracht.

Small Hug on Amsterdam

Do you know what’s interesting about Amsterdam? Whether you want the sun, the tulips blooming or the streets covered with autumn leaves Amsterdam can be visited all year round from spring to winter.

Tulips of Amsterdam makes a better picture

Many couples love having their engagement and wedding pictures taken on the amazing flower fields and I understand why. It’s a romantic and relaxing spot to get the perfect shots. I often capture intimate photos in this location.

In late April, the tulip fields in Amsterdam burst into full bloom and you will discover many different kinds of tulips. Because of the love for tulips and the tourist attraction, there’s even a museum dedicated to them.

The face of love

Amsterdam is a city of canals. One of every couple’s favorite things to do is to go for a walk along these canals and this helps me as a wedding photographer to familiarize myself with Amsterdam.

They’re beautiful to walk down all year round. Amongst that, this city has the most iconic canal houses. Building their houses tall and slim at the front and extending their houses at the back is what makes them so unique. And believe me, when I say, this will help us capture some beautiful photos. This location is great for a proposal or pre-wedding pictures.

Amsterdam is full of surprises, your pictures will live forever

For the beautiful lady, everything was a surprise, maybe the most special one. We went there just for a normal photoshoot, but she could never imagine what was about to happen. I took care of every little detail so this moment could be magical. Most importantly, we found ourselves there at the right time so the sunlight would not be obstructed by the tall buildings.

Beautiful lady

The rays of sunshine created natural light and the colorful backdrop added a deep warmth to the environment. I would also like to mention the birds that are typical in Amsterdam, magpies that offered a more complete picture. Amsterdam offered us a convenience that is very difficult to find in big cities that are always overpopulated but the tourists there were very kind and didn’t cause any problem during the 2-hour photo shoot.

Engagement on each season has its own happy moments

I suggested their outfits, down to the smallest details, the flowers of the hat, which were in complete harmony with the surroundings. She didn’t have the slightest idea of what was going to happen at the moment. I asked her to turn her back to the camera and close her eyes, just for a pose and that was the magical moment we all were waiting for. And then, the gentleman popped the question, Will you marry me? She said YES, so enjoy their happy faces.

Wedding photo shoot

That’s the beauty of our profession, you get to see, feel and capture the most heartfelt emotions in their portrait. It made us feel like we were in a fairy tale, a fairy tale with a real-life queen and king.

For a brief moment, I thought I was shooting a Walt Disney movie and it all ended with a happily ever after. It was my pleasure being part of this wonderful moment as their photographer. Engagement pictures look even better in Amsterdam.

Capturing these moments and creating memories for this lovely couple was a great honor for me.

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