Maternity Wardrobe Guide!

Maternity Wardrobe Guide!

This wardrobe guide will help all pregnant women who are now booking or thinking about their maternity photo shooting session. At our studio, we offer you a variety of outfits that you can wear during photo shooting. Below you will find a maternity wardrobe guide divided into categories together with some suggestions that you may take into consideration. Time by time we add new maternity outfits to the wardrobe in our studio. If you visit us for your maternity photo shooting session, you will find other outfits that are not mentioned below!


Silk fabric

They are perfect for flowing and creating perfect lifetime memories of the most beautiful phase in your life. Chose bold colors that make you look elegant and feminine.




This outfit adds an interesting dimension to your photos. You can wear a long sleeve body, fluffy sleeves or off shoulder one.

Two-piece clothing

This two-piece outfit is in fashion and pure elegance. It fits best for each body type. Your baby bump is the star of your maternity photoshoot, isn’t it? For this reason, I believe outfits that highlight your baby bump are a wise and nice choice.


You can choose to add other accessories to your looks such as gloves, flowers, hats, gloves, or tights.


This outfit will beautifully highlight your growing bump during your photo shoot. Try to choose neutral tones.

Maxi dresses in different colors

These dresses are comfortable and add shine to your look. You can choose the color that best fits you.

Body Hugging Black Dresses

These dresses are one of the outfits that most mommy to be chose to wear. They are elegant and make you look glamorous. Which of the following models would you choose for your maternity photo shoot?

Soft tulles in different colors

A maternity tulle is comfortable, modern, and elegant. You can choose a plain one, short, long, or decorated with pearls. A suggestion that I would give you is to wear a soft one in order to feel more comfortable.

Extravagant Dresses

They are a great choice for looking stylish and elegant. These dresses highlight your baby bump and body curves.

Transparent long dresses

If you want to look sensual and magical on your photo session day choose a long transparent dress.

Green, white and black is in trend colors for this season.


This is one of the outfits you can experiment with mostly. You can combine a lingerie set with a shirt, a costume, or simply a jacket.

White dresses

A white dress is a must-choice as one of your outfits for your maternity photo shoot. You can choose an off-shoulder white dress, a body-hugging dress, a wet look, or feathers in your dress for a complete look.

Shirt & Jeans

Who said that jeans and shirts would not be a great choice for your maternity photo shoot? You can match jeans with a crop top or an unbuttoned shirt.