Wedding Photographer – Bride to be

February 11, 2020

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Tips from a wedding photographer – Bride to be

As a wedding photographer, I always learn about the new trends in photography and everything has to do with weddings.  Besides that, I try to advise the couples, especially the bride on everything so the wedding and the photo session can be perfect. Every day I learn and discover new things about weddings and wedding photography so here are some tips from as a wedding photographer for all the couples, especially for the bride to be.

First of all, chose the right person for your wedding pictures. Choosing a wedding photographer is an important decision for every bride and groom. Finding the right wedding photographer to capture one of the most special events of your life is essential. The memories that you will create and keep forever depend on the wedding photographer you chose and that’s why you should choose carefully.

Secondly, when you choose the wedding photographer you should keep in mind the style of the wedding photographer, his/her experience, the post-production, etc. You should make sure that your style and the wedding photographer’s style are compatible. You should arrange a meeting with them before so you can communicate on things you like and the things you want in your wedding photos. Communicating with the wedding photographer and getting to know each other is the key to successful wedding photos.

Another tip from me as a wedding photographer, if you have a wedding timeline it will be really helpful for you as a couple and also for the wedding photographer. Planning weddings can be stressful and in our experience, we know that timelines help the bride and groom and also their families on feeling more relaxed. A wedding timeline helps you understand how your day is going to be organized.

Helpful tips for the bride and groom

Wedding photographers love couples who are comfortable around the camera and who pose naturally. I personally as a wedding photographer love couples who know what they want and love the camera. As I mentioned above, getting to know your wedding photographer will help you in feeling more comfortable and not intense.

The other vendors will also contribute to your wedding pictures. So make sure that everything is combined the way it should.

About the wedding photoshoot, everything should be planned according to the perfect lighting. Golden hour is the most preferred time for wedding photos. Also, the location is important in taking the perfect shots, so consider a few places to capture the wedding pictures. Of course, the wedding photographer will help you in choosing the perfect one.

But most importantly, let the wedding photographer feel free. He/She knows the best techniques for capturing the most beautiful pictures. Don’t put pressure on them. Since you chose them, it means that you love their work and their art. The wedding photographer will create the most special memories for you and your families. Let their art create the most unforgettable memories.

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