Tips For Choosing a Wedding Photographer

October 17, 2019

Tips for choosing a wedding photographer

Tips by Anjeza Dyrmishi on choosing your wedding photographer

Choosing a wedding photographer is an important decision. Finding the right one to capture all your love, emotions and the right moments is the key to create great memories.
Wedding photography is the biggest investment in your wedding day and that’s why you should choose carefully. But when you do your research on choosing the wedding photographer here are some tips by me.

1. Style of the wedding photographer

The first thing you will notice is the style. There are so many styles traditional, photojournalistic, illustrative, portrait, natural, vintage, etc. After deciding about the decor, the wedding dress, the suit, flowers, the cake and choosing your wedding style then you will have to find someone that suits your style. You should also chose someone who has reflections of each style, someone that photographs in every style. Emotions and details make the difference.

2. Experience

Every couple wants something special and stunning photos. Capturing the right moments, providing authentic and unique photos. Someone who has been in the business for many years will be more professional. Someone with many years of experience will know more about the style, the posing, the location and all the special moments. The more experience the wedding photographer has, the more ideas he/ she will share with you.

3. Pricing

Prices can vary depending on many factors including the location, the season of your wedding and photoshoot, traveling costs, level of experience, etc. For me, photography and videography have no monetary value. As I said wedding photography is a big investment. Setting wedding photography pricing is a difficult task. It should be something in between, finding the balance not too low and not too high so no one can’t book you.

4. Post-production

After capturing the right moments and the perfect shots is important to know how images are you going to get and how the photos are going to be edited. The attention the wedding photographer gives to your wedding photos is fundamental for your special day. The wedding photos are everlasting memories and they need to be perfect just as your wedding day. Every image should be taken care of carefully.

5. Book early

You should book your wedding photographer as early as you can. At least you should book them 1 year in advance. Hiring a destination wedding photographer, bookings come from all around the world so a year in advance would be perfect. Don’t wait too long to book.

Check their portfolio. Word of mouth is also really important in hiring a great wedding photographer. People won’t recommend a wedding photographer unless they love their work. Choose someone that will understand you and your style. There are so many tips and advice on choosing the right wedding photographer but the most important thing is to choose someone you trust and feel comfortable. They will create memories that you will cherish forever.

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