Studio Photography – Timeless Photos

October 23, 2019

What is studio photography?

Studio photography is an indoor photoshoot. Since these kind of photoshoots are in an indoor studio the wedding photographer is in control of every detail. The decor, the backdrop, and the lightning. Many people think that outdoor photo sessions are better but let me help explain to you why it is important and why you need it.

Mother and new born baby studio photography
Mother and newborn baby studio photography


Black&White and Color photography

Studio photo sessions are simple and they never go out of style especially black and white ones. Black and white photography is a monochrome photo. The emotions that these photos bring out are really strong. A black and white photo creates the idea of a timeless image. It’s a different and special feeling when you get to see photos in black and white.

As Canadian photojournalist Ted Grant said:
When you photograph people in color, you photograph their clothes.
But when you photograph people in Black and white, you photograph their souls!

Mother to be and her son photography
Mother to be and her son photography


Black and white pregnancy photoshoot
Black and white pregnancy photoshoot
Mother holding her new born baby photography
Mother holding her newborn baby photography
Father and new born baby studio photography
Father and newborn baby studio photography

But also color studio photography is essential. You can use warms or cool colors to show the time or the season of the photo.


Maternity and newborn babies studio photography

Pregnancy is an exciting time. This is the most magical moment for you and your family and that is why you should photograph it. To create sweet memories for you, your family and your baby. Magical and intimate portraits with your cute bump that capture your happiness for the newest addition that will be joining your family. There is no better feeling than having a baby and wanting to photograph them in their first weeks of life. Personalized studio photography for your babies a safe, happy and beautiful environment for the baby to create timeless photos and magical memories.

Maternity photoshoot
Maternity photoshoot



Studio photography is convenient in every time, day or season. Being in control of every element is also helpful for the photographer and mothers and babies. But most importantly emotions and the feelings you get by studio photos are priceless and irreplaceable.


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