New Jersey Wedding Photos- Locations for Wedding Pictures

September 9, 2021

New Jersey Wedding Photos

New Jersey Wedding Photographer

New Jersey is a state in the Mid-Atlantic and region in the United States. Like every other state, even New Jersey has its own culture. It is known for its music, cuisine, and attractions. As you all may know now, New Jersey is referred to as the “diner capital of the world”. This is because diners are a must in this state. There are a few dishes you may not know that are from New Jersey such as hoagies, rippers, pork roll, saltwater taffy, and tomato pie. As in music, Frank Sinatra is the most famous singer from Hoboken, New Jersey. Also, other famous musicians such as Bruce Springsteen, The Jonas Brothers, Queen Latifah, etc. are from New Jersey. So, I would say New Jersey loves art. If you and your partner want New Jersey wedding photos, then this blog is for you.

Places to Take Pictures in New Jersey

When planning a wedding, finding the right location for wedding pictures is a bit challenging. That is why I wrote this blog to help you find the right places for wedding photos in New Jersey.

  1. Hoboken, New Jersey

Hoboken is located across the Hudson River which makes it perfect for every kind of photo not only wedding pictures. The skyline from each side of Hoboken is perfect and you can capture magical photos.

  1. New Jersey Botanical Garden

It offers a beautiful backdrop for bride and groom wedding photos. There are a variety of locations to capture your wedding pictures. If you are a free-spirit couple and love architecture and nature then New Jersey Botanical Garden is for you.

  1. Sandy Hook

If you are looking for a beach backdrop then you should definitely choose Sandy Hook. It has a variety of beautiful spots where you can take romantic wedding pictures.

  1. Liberty State Park

When I say romantic, intimate, and magical photos I always imagine a beautiful skyline, and at Liberty State Park you can find it.

  1. Spring Lake Beach

Another perfect spot for wedding photoshoots is Spring Lake Beach. Can you imagine something more romantic than wedding pictures on the beach?

There are more and more locations where you can take the wedding pictures like Long Beach Island where you can find everything from quiet and relaxing spots to luxurious and stunning beaches. It’s also Sea Bright Beach, Asbury Park Boardwalk, Deep Cut Gardens, etc.

As you can see New Jersey offers a variety of wedding locations. Make sure you choose one that matches you and your partners’ style.

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