Happy New Year- My Year’s Overview

December 31, 2020

Happy New Year

Happy Holidays everyone!

New Year will be here for a few hours. It’s been a rough year for everyone. A lot of challenges for us. Not being able to work a few months for this year because of the pandemic was devastating for me. As you all know now I love my job. I love being a destination wedding photographer, family photographer, kids’ photographer, couples’ photographer, etc., and not doing all these things really made me sad. But after the lockdown, everything came back to “normality”. We are getting used to our new lifestyle. But all of these gave me hope for our future. Happy New Year.

My Year’s Overview

My first months of the year were really busy. I was working on the photoshoots but one of the greatest achievements of the year was my exhibition “Life Portrait”. I had been working for a few months so I could do something unique and new for International Women’s Day. Through this exhibition, I got to know some touching life stories and meet different women who inspired me for this amazing event. I’m really proud of “Life Portrait” and the message we gave through it. Then pandemic happened and ruined a lot of planes, a lot of wedding and photo sessions. But after a few months, I started my work again with great photos and projects. Being a judge in many events like Miss Globe, an art event, photo event, etc. was great.

New Year’s resolution – Happy New Year

This year taught me that health, love, and happiness is all that matters. Don’t take anything for granted and appreciate everything and everyone. So, that’s what I’m going to do all year. Appreciate my family, my work, my friends, and my art. Give and receive love.

Stay safe and love life.

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