Engagement Photos – Why do couples need them?

December 2, 2019

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Should you have engagement photos done?

An engagement photoshoot is a photo session of you and your future wife/husband. Some people call it a warm-up between the couple and the photographer. It’s a simple way to get to know your wedding photographer before the wedding photoshoot. Engagement photos weren’t so popular back in the day. Some couples believe that this photo session is really important and some others think otherwise. But let me help and explain to you why you need engagement photos.

First of all, as I mentioned above engagement photoshoot will help you to get to know your wedding photographer better and you know what to expect on your special day. Talking with your photographer and listening to their ideas will help a lot with your wedding photos. Getting to know their photography style and the way he/she works will make a big difference for you and your wedding photoshoot.

Also, another good thing about engagement photos is that they will make you feel more comfortable and confident around the camera and around your wedding photographer. Feeling relaxed and natural posing in front of your photographer is really important. It’s really important to have good memories for you and your family.

Every couple is different and has its own style. Engagement photos help you understand what poses you like and what you really want at your wedding photos.

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