Destination Wedding Photographer

February 8, 2020

Anjeza Dyrmishi with her daughter

What’s a destination wedding photographer?

As you all may know now, photography isn’t just my passion or my job, it’s my life. Photography is something I enjoy doing it and I also love it especially wedding photography. If you love traveling and you are passionate about it just like me and you also are a wedding photographer, a combination of these two is called a destination wedding photographer. Being a destination wedding photographer is perfect and is so valued. It means that people, the clients love and appreciate your job, your art, and instead of working with a local wedding photographer, they want you. The couple wants someone who lives in a different city, state, or continent. Shooting destination wedding was always my dream and now I have been doing it for more than 10 years.

Destination wedding photographer – My experience

Sometimes traveling to places and locations that are far away is a bit tiring and stressful. But besides that, my experience has been wonderful. You get to see new places, destinations but most importantly new cultures. Getting to know new cultures helped and inspired me for some magical photoshoots. I got to discover beautiful places, destinations, and some unique locations. The location is essential for a wedding photoshoot. It can help you create the perfect shots with the bride and groom. Besides that, unique locations are the perfect scene and decor for wedding photoshoots. I have traveled all around the world to shoot weddings in countries such as Italy, Germany, Belgium, Montenegro, Morocco, etc. I have seen magical places and I have also met wonderful couples.

Destination weddings are a great experience for every wedding photographer. It helps you grow as a wedding photographer, it helps you develop your skills, and of course it helps in creating the most special wedding photos.

How to become one?

Is it hard and difficult to become a destination wedding photographer? Yes, sometimes it is but as years pass you absolutely love them. If you want my advice, first of all, make sure that you like traveling just like me because sometimes you have to go to places that are very far from your country. Besides photography, traveling and exploring new places is my passion and my hobby. Everywhere I go, I try to discover and explore as much as I can. As an artist, as a wedding photographer, everything inspires me. I always try to find unique and cool places in the destinations that I go to. Sometimes even the couples are surprised by the special and beautiful spots that I find in these destinations. So, love, passion, and hard-work make everything easier. Emotions and details make the difference.

Another piece of advice, if you are looking to book a destination wedding photographer, booking a year in advance would be perfect.

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