Crystal Plaza New Jersey Wedding

March 6, 2023


Crystal Plaza Wedding Venue

In this article, I will begin by discussing the location of the wedding, Crystal Plaza. It was originally a residential residence built in the late 1900s by renowned architect Stanford White. White was responsible for designing several historic structures in New York and New Jersey. Also including the Tiffany Building on Fifth Avenue, the original Madison Square Garden complex, and the arch in Washington Square Park in Manhattan.

The first intimate dance
Venue’s interior decor

Couple’s Preparations

Moving on to the wedding itself, Elsina, was a simple and elegant bride. She made my job easier by being very cooperative and thinking about every detail of her special day. She prepared for her big day in a bridal suite that was white, spacious, and filled with natural light. This suite provided the perfect backdrop for capturing wonderful photos and videos. Groom Burimi had a similarly special suite on the lower floor with many masculine elements that provided a great setting for capturing unique photos of him and his best man.


Moments before the bride put on the dress
Details from the final looks

The magical moment

The couple had also thoughtfully prepared special gifts for their parents that brought much emotion and laughter to the day. The first look was a private moment where the couple exchanged vows without seeing each other. Originally, they had planned to stand at opposite sides of a door, but I suggested they do this in the middle of the beautifully decorated wedding ceremony hall instead. The hall was full of light and had an indescribable magic that made the moment even more romantic and magical, especially with the sun shining through the middle of the room.


Moments from the bride reading the vows
The groom reading his vows while holding the bride’s hand
A magical moment of the couple holding hands
The bride with her bridesmaids
Elsina handing the wedding gift to her mom
Elsina handing the wedding gift to her dad

The wedding itself was a blend of American and Albanian elements, including music and dancing. The couple was very spontaneous and danced with their guests throughout the night, sharing their love and happiness with everyone. Overall, the experience of working with this wonderful couple at Crystal Plaza was truly unforgettable.


I highly recommend the bridal suites at this venue.

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