2021- My expectations

January 14, 2021

2021-My resolutions

It’s a New Year, and New Opportunities

2021 is here, with hopes that everything will be back to normal. These are the first two weeks of the year and we are that this year will be great. I’m working on some new projects and focusing on myself and my family. New Year means new things for everyone. As I have mentioned in the blog before this, 2020 has been a tough year for each one of us, but we have learned so much from it. Once again, we understood the most important things in life and how essential is for us to take care of ourselves and be healthy.

Being a Photographer during Pandemic

Doing what I love, which is photography has always been a blessing for me. Working with kids, families, couples, and shooting different weddings and projects is something I enjoy and like. Traveling to meet new people, share their love stories and even their life stories, documenting every detail for them is spectacular. Even though the pandemic made it difficult for me to work, with a lot of canceled and postponed weddings and projects, things changed a lot. After almost a year with this situation, I have learned how to be a photographer during the pandemic and how to make my clients feel safe. We just have to adjust and hope this difficult situation will end soon.

New Year 2021- New Projects

These days I’m feeling energetic and ready to share with all of you my work and art. I have been working on new projects, and also photographing people in my studio and outside of it. I have some resolutions for 2021, which I aspire to achieve. An advice for all of you, make sure to do what you love and start this year on the right foot.

I’m so ready to start writing again for this year and sharing with you all my work. It’s really fun and interesting to get inspired and give inspiration to all of you. I’m excited about this year and the opportunities it will give to us all. It’s our time to shine.

Stay safe and love each other.

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